Roger Scruton…
Hell, I like him.
I reckon if I could have breakfast with him at least once a week I’d never have to seek counselling for the ‘blues’ again.
A writer and philosopher who’s knocked out more than 40 books, he was delivering a talk on Human Nature for this year’s Princeton University Press Lecture (remember, this was the subject of Sunday’s BBC World Service broadcast from Worcester College).
A critic of Professor Richard Dawkins (so full marks there), he represents the ‘thinking woman’s over 50’s dreamboat’.
Quiet and almost whispery to the point of mental massage, he kicked off in a brutally honest way: “My purpose here is to sell my book,” he said “so I will tell a lot of lies about how good it is”.
And having established that precedent he then went on to debate (without a single further reference to his book) whether we, as humans, are animals or maybe something more.
So was he any good?
Well, personally speaking I can honestly say that by the end of his talk, I’ve never felt prouder to be human.
Fascinating and funny in equal measure, he proved a real tonic and crowd pleaser.
Some people are just “charmed” aren’t they?