A short intro about buying…


At midday, and frankly in need of a shot of glamour, I popped into Dana Arnold’s intriguingly entitled talk ‘A Short Book About Art’, and indeed it was about a short book about about art.
So no disappoint there.

I have to say not only was I impressed by Ms Arnold, who despite what it says in the Festival brochure IS NOT a professor at the University of Southampton but in factor a ‘prof’ at the University of Middlesex.

But as impressed as I was by Ms Arnold, I was more impressed by the woman introducing her who insisted that, at the end of the talk, we should all stream out and BUY HER BOOK, immediately, in the foyer.

She was that insistent (and I just hope she was on commission).

In truth, I didn’t understand much of Ms Arnold’s presentation, but she was charm and wit personified so it really didn’t matter much.

Instead I just sat there and wallowed in the ‘glow’ of it all.