It couldn’t have been more Oxford.
It was SO polite, SO gentle, SO considerate that it actually brought a lump to my throat.
Now if you had happened to read the papers today you might have thought police would have to bring in water cannons to deal with the protest against Dame Jenni Murray who was talking at the Sheldonian but…uh, no.
Which was a shame because I’d been purposely waiting outside for half-an-hour expecting eggs and paint to be thrown while lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) supporters stormed the historic building.
Instead, just four very pleasant young men and women turned up and, standing outside its main doors, engagingly attempted to persuade Dame Jenni listeners to confront the broadcaster about her recent comments on sex change operations.
The sun was shining, Oxford looked glorious and I wish now I’d packed a picnic instead of a helmet and visor.
No furore, no fury, no fisticuffs… just a terribly English display of indignation