No Sunday blues today

DAY TWO - 7.43AM

It’s the early bird that catches the worm, so despite the fact it’s early Sunday morning, I want to be sure I pick the best of the best from today’s Lit Fest, and right at the top of my bucket list is… (well, you don’t need a degree in psychology from Oxford University or Brooke’s to work this out),  Sir Ian McKellen tonight at 6.00pm at Worcester College.

I’ll be honest though, my knee-jerk choice for today was going to be the Minibeast Adventure taking place at Worcester College this morning, but since it’s sold out, Sir Ian I’m sure will make a fine fall-back alternative.

However, not wanting anything too stodgy for this Sunday morning, I’ve plump instead for ‘The 4-Billion Year Story of Life on Earth’, as told by John Gordon-Reid at Weston Library: Blackwell Hall at 11.00am.

Yes, the subject matter could make it a rather large slice of cake to swallow, but since it’s for children, and is free, it’s my guess it could prove to be a rather jolly roller coaster of a ride.

And now that’s the morning and evening taken care care of, what about the afternoon?

Well, who could resist comedian, author, broadcaster and all-round nice guy Julian Clary at Oxford’s Sheldonian at 2.00pm, introducing us to his new children’s book ‘The Bolds to the Rescue’.

Focusing, as it does, on a family of hyenas who just happen to live in a nice suburban house (who WOULDN’T want to be a children’s writer?) it seems the perfect filling for a literary sandwich bookended by evolution and a true knight of the stage.

At least I’m hoping so….