“OF A CERTAIN AGE…” - MAR 28 - 8.45PM

The ole’ dog.
My goodness, Sir Muir Gray, what a charmer. I’ve no idea how old he is, but I don’t think he’d have any problems ‘pulling’ Faye Dunaway (approx. 75) or Raquel Welch (70s too).
Which is quite appropriate since his talk this evening was all about looking younger, living longer and looking better. And to be honest with you, I was quite dismissive about this event beforehand.
I just thought it’d be full of people of a ‘certain age’ being asked to participate in wincingly lame exercises. But it wasn’t. In fact, it turned out to be a fascinating exploration of age and health and how the two cross.
Sir Muir is no New Age guru; quite the opposite actually with a track record that’s quite rightly seen him knighted; he pioneered breast and cervical screening, is a director of Better Value Healthcare and author of the bestselling “Sod 60!” And “Sod 70!” Books.
He also has a preference for bright, garish ties and could probably, with some dignity, launch a fitness DVD while wearing Lycra.
What he had to say though was refreshing and clear; forget all that 21st Century wellbeing mumbo jumbo and plug yourself back into the basics - walking, posture, careful but sensible diet (although the idea of standing at your work desk isn’t something that especially inspires).
Inventive, playful, impish, he certainly managed to entertain this cynical old 55-year old and I certainly sported a spring in my step when I walked out of his talk.