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Young Knights of the Round Table

11:00am | Saturday 23 March 2013
£6 - £--1 Hour{related_entries id="evnt_loca"}Young Knights of the Round Table{/related_entries}
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About this Event:

Waterstone’s and Nestle Children’s Book Prize winner Julia Golding is well-known for her compelling and thrilling fantasy novels.  Join her for a whistle stop tour of her fantastical worlds, including Oxford as you have never seen it before.  Expect an interactive extravaganza and a chance to join the Round Table and find out which knight you would be.

Young Knights of the Round Table is a modern twist on the Arthurian legend set partly in Oxford and is likely to appeal to fans of the BBC’s Merlin series. Golding has written more than 30 novels for children and young adults in genres ranging from historical adventure to fantasy.

Sold Out Buy The Books event id:808
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