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Malt Whisky Tasting

3:00pm | Sunday 17 March 2013
£17 - £1 Hour 30 Minutes{related_entries id="evnt_loca"}Malt Whisky Tasting{/related_entries}
About this Event:

Enjoy a tutored tour of distinctive malt whisky styles, sampling the varieties and nuances of flavour, texture and aroma which characterise this fine, complex and much-loved product of the distiller’s art.

John Harris, who was Steward of Christ Church for 25 years, leads this journey – not only a discovery of the sophistication of this world renowned Scottish product, but also an exploration of whisky’s adventurous relationship with food. This year’s festival tasting offers five contrasting malt whisky samples and culminates in a rare opportunity to taste Christ Church’s own unique and precious Port-cask and Madeira-cask matured Islay malt.

Although this event is a book-free oasis amidst the festival’s literary treats, loquacity and expressiveness are never far away: does your dram recall the salty tang of a storm-tossed sea, the warm fragrance of harvest on an August evening, pear drops, chocolate, heather honey or haggis-flavoured crisps?  You can expect your own wordsmith powers to be much enhanced by this (responsibly managed) experience.

This event lasts 90 minutes.