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Inherently Unequal: Racial Bigotry and US Law

5:00pm | Saturday 16 March 2013
£11 - £--1 Hour{related_entries id="evnt_loca"}Inherently Unequal: Racial Bigotry and US Law{/related_entries}
About this Event:

The United States was a nation conceived in slavery. Four of its first five presidents were slave owners, and slavery was either tolerated or avoided in both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Failure to deal with this issue would ultimately lead to the most destructive war in the nation’s history. Yet this legacy continued long after the end of the Civil War.

Historian and novelist Lawrence Goldstone, author of the highly praised works Dark Bargain and Inherently Unequal, flies in from the United States to be at the festival. He will talk to fellow writer Ross King about the ongoing problems of racial bigotry and the unequal application of law in the United States.