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What on Earth? The Saga of Sport from Ancient Greece to London 2012

3:00pm | Saturday 23 March 2013
£ - £1 Hour{related_entries id="evnt_loca"}What on Earth? The Saga of Sport from Ancient Greece to London 2012{/related_entries}
About this Event:

Join Christopher Lloyd as he takes on a mind-boggling journey through three million years asking the simple, but intriguing question: why do people play sport? His quest takes him from the stone ages to the present day, covering a dizzying array of cultures from hunter-gathering cave people to the athletes of London 2012. During the talk Christopher invites members of his audience to pick everyday objects out of his multi-coloured coat of 10 pockets to make this a truly interactive, memorable workshop with a giant edition of his What on Earth? Wallbook of Sport as a backdrop. Topics covered include stone ages, hunter-gathering, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Islamic conquests, Aztecs, Tudors, Victorian, modern Olympic movement.

Ideal for all ages 6 upwards

Christopher will be available throughout the day from 10am onwards to answer questions and sign books. Family quizzes and other activities will also be available in between sessions.

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