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The Most Dangerous Place in the World: Politics, Piracy and Terror

1:00pm | Wednesday 20 March 2013
£11 - £--1 Hour{related_entries id="evnt_loca"}The Most Dangerous Place in the World: Politics, Piracy and Terror{/related_entries}
About this Event:

A journalist and an academic discuss the Horn of Africa, home to piracy and terror groups and widely regarded as the most dangerous place in the world.

Foreign correspondent James Fergusson has reported from many of the most dangerous places in the world including Afghanistan. In The World’s Most Dangerous Place, he says Al Qaida operatives have been streaming to Somalia and the surrounding area, which have now become a major threat to international security.

Professor Peter Woodward is an expert in African affairs who teaches at the University of Reading. His latest book, Crisis in the Horn of Africa: Politics, Piracy and the Threat of Terror, explains how political chaos and terror have thwarted western ambitions for liberal democracy in the region.

Discussions are chaired by the Sunday Times foreign editor, Sean Ryan.

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