Victoria Hislop
Lucy atkins
Lucy Atkins

Victoria Hislop talks to Lucy Atkins

500 Years of Corpus Christi: Cartes Postales from Greecen SOLD OUT

Friday 31 March 2017

1 Hour


Corpus Christi: Lecture Theatre



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Bestselling novelist Victoria Hislop talks about her latest book, Cartes Postales from Greece, a story of an unfolding love for a culture and of a desire to live life to the full again.

Ellie receives a series of postcards from Greece to a name she does not recognise but which brighten her life. After six months they cease but, on the morning she leaves for a trip to Greece inspired by the postcards, she receives a notebook that tells the moving and sometimes dark story of a man’s journey through the country.

Hislop was inspired by a trip to the abandoned Greek leprosy colony of Spinalonga to write her first novel, The Island, which became an international bestseller. She is also author of The Return, The Thread and The Sunrise. Here she talks to fellow novelist Lucy Atkins, author of the novels, The Night Visitor, The Missing One and The Other Child, and of a number of non-fiction books.