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Death or Glory: A Fusion of Stand-up Comedy and Science

4:15pm | Saturday 23 March 2013
£20 - £--1 Hour{related_entries id="evnt_loca"}Death or Glory: A Fusion of Stand-up Comedy and Science{/related_entries}
About this Event:

Your host is geek songstress and comedian Helen Arney of Edinburgh Fringe favourites Festival of the Spoken Nerd. Also staring death in the face and seeing the funny side will be fellow escapees from Radio 4’s Infinite Monkey Cage Andrew Pontzen, Adam Rutherford and Kevin Fong, plus award-winning Canadian comedian Mae Martin, and Suzie Sheehy, who puts the fizz in particle physics.

Combine this event with 806 Death – Nothing More Certain? for £40 and save £5. Telephone or in person bookings only.

In partnership with the Oxford Martin School of the University of Oxford, Science Oxford and the Oxfordshire Science Festival

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