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The Strangest Family: Private Lives of George III, Queen Charlotte and the Hanoverians

Saturday 21 March 2015

1 Hour


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Controller of BBC2 and BBC4 and the woman who has commissioned some of the most influential history series of modern times Janice Hadlow discusses her widely praised first book – on the private lives of George III and Queen Charlotte. Hadlow gives a moving account of George III’s doomed attempt to break with his forebears and create a happy and harmonious family, describing how his episodes of madness undermined his marriage, how his disapproval of the aimless lives of his sons alienated them, and how his determination to keep his daughters away from the continental marriage market left them lonely and resentful.

Hadlow is controller special projects and seasons at the BBC, former controller of BBC2 and BBC4 and was previously head of history at both the BBC and Channel 4. She has commissioned history series from such as Simon Schama, David Starkey and Niall Ferguson, and has recently introduced a new generation of historians to BBC2 including Mary Beard, Amanda Vickery, David Reynolds and Lucy Worsley.

Here she talks to FT house and homes editor Jane Owen.