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A Designer’s Life

Monday 23 March 2015

1 Hour


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World-renowned English designer Nicky Haslam reveals the influences and inspirations behind his success as one of the most sought-after interior designers. Haslam shares the secrets of some of his own personal design and of some of his acclaimed designs for clients. Haslam’s work is much in demand and he has designed for many wealthy and famous people including Mick Jagger, Maurice and Charles Saatchi and Rupert Everett. He has also designed parties for such as the Prince of Wales and Lord Rothschild. Haslam is known for opulent and glamorous interiors that flatter their owners but also have a strong focus on practicality.

Haslam founded the interior design business NH Design. He is a contributing editor of Vogue and Tatler and author of a number of books including a memoir, Redeeming Features, and Nicky Haslam’s Folly de Grandeur: Romance and Revival in an English Country House.