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Oxford Heritage Walks: On Foot from Broad Street

Sunday 29 March 2015

1 Hour


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Local historian Malcolm Graham and former city planner and conservationist Edith Gollnast talk to the director of Oxford Preservation Trust, Debbie Dance, about the second volume of their heritage walks series. Oxford Heritage Walks is published by the trust, written by Graham, and illustrated by Gollnast. The books highlight some of Oxford’s finest buildings, including those that are vulnerable, and record some of those that have been lost. Book two, On Foot from Broad Street, covers the heart of the university around the Radcliffe Camera, covered market, Blackwells, Cornmarket, Ship Street and the Turl. The books revise and expand on the much-loved Oxford heritage guides from the 1970s.

Graham was head of the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies before retiring and has published extensively on local history. Gollnast spent 35 years working with Oxford’s historic buildings and areas in the city planning department. Dance has been director of Oxford Preservation Trust, a charity that owns more than 900 acres and listed buildings in and around the city, since 1999.