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Poetic Memory and Music – An Oxford Masterclass

Sunday 29 March 2015

Full Day


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Ticket price

Teacher and research fellow at the Rothermere American Institute Sally Bayley leads a master class on T S Eliot with help from Olivier Award-winning actress Juliet Stevenson, animator Suzie Hanna, folksinger and musician Hannah Sanders and Rothermere American Institute fellow Martin Hitchcock.

T S Eliot’s poetry combines a strong relationship between memory and music. This intensive master class will work with rarely seen manuscripts of Eliot’s tender poem of paternity, Marina, alongside his dramatic verse play, The Rock.

Using aspects of voice and performance work, including song and music, the class will explore Eliot’s interest in music as a funnel for memory. Participants will work towards producing a collage of sound, song and imagery.

‘What images return/ O my daughter’ (TS Eliot, Marina)
This event runs until 4pm. Ticket price includes a simple sandwich lunch and tea/coffee/biscuits (courtesy of the Rothermere American Institute).