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Vega Sicilia and The Art of Wine Writing

Sunday 29 March 2015

1 Hour


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Journalist, critic, poet, writer and wine-lover Harry Eyres talks about the art of wine writing and about his new book celebrating the 150th anniversary of Spain’s legendary Vega Sicilia wine.  Eyres was introduced to wine at the age of eight and has a lifelong appreciation of the wine-loving Roman poet Horace, who gave us such sayings as ‘Now we must drink’ and ‘carpe diem – seize the day’. Following the success of his Horace and Me, Eyres has co-written Vega Sicilia – 150 Anniversary, in which he recounts the history of Spain’s most prestigious and eccentric winery and argues that enjoyment of wine can be something deeper than shallow hedonism.

Eyres has worked as a wine writer, theatre critic and poetry editor. His Slow Lane column in the Financial Times encourages enjoyment of the profound and often free pleasures and values that make life worth living. Chislett is a journalist who lives in and writes about Spain.

This event is part of the festival’s Spanish strand.