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Creating and Drawing Characters

Sunday 22 March 2015

1 Hour


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Top Australian author and illustrator Leigh Hobbs makes a special appearance at the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival to run one of his popular workshops showing children how to create and draw their own cartoon characters.

Hobbs’s bestselling books include the Old Tom stories, the adventures of an appallingly scruffy and badly behaved cat and his long-suffering owner; and the Mister Chicken books including the most recent, Mr Chicken Lands on London.  Old Tom became a much-loved TV series for ABC in Australia. His other well-known children’s characters include Horrible Harriet, and the decidedly unhorrible Mr Badger, maitre d’ at a swanky Mayfair hotel.

As well as being an artist and children’s book author, Hobbs is an experienced art teacher.

Age: 7+