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WB Yeats and the Ireland of his Time

Monday 23 March 2015

1 Hour


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To mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of W B Yeats, Ireland’s Ambassador in London, Daniel Mulhall, draws on a lifelong interest in 20th-century Irish history and literature to look at the life and work of the great Irish poet.  Focusing on six key poems, he traces the evolution of Yeats’s poetry from the late-romanticism of his early, lyrical poems to the vigorously modern tone of his later writings.  And he looks at how Yeats’s work can contribute to a better understanding of the Ireland of his time, especially those turbulent years a century ago.

Mulhall has been the ambassador of Ireland to Great Britain since September 2013. He has worked for the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs since 1978 including postings to New Delhi, Vienna, Brussels, Edinburgh and Kuala Lumpur.