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Agnès Sorel Mistress of Beauty

Wednesday 25 March 2015

1 Hour


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Bestselling author Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent talks about the second volume of her Anjou trilogy, Agnès Sorel Mistress of Beauty. The story picks up where the first volume, The Queen of Four Kingdoms, left off. Queen Yolande is dead and her young, innocent and trusted confidant, Agnès Sorel, now finds herself ensconced at court as demoiselle to Isabelle of Lorraine, the wife of Yolande’s son, René d’Anjou. Rumours grow of King Charles VII’s feelings for Agnès and, despite her efforts to resist, Agnès is alarmed to discover she too is in love.

The Princess is author of four previous books, The Serpent and the Moon: Two Rivals for the Love of a Renaissance King, Crowned in a Far Country: Portraits of Eight Royal Brides, Cupid and the King: Five Royal Paramours, and The Queen of Four Kingdoms. Her Royal Highness has been lecturing on historical topics for more than 25 years.