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My Way: A Muslim Woman’s Journey SOLD OUT

Thursday 26 March 2015

1 Hour


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Leading Western authority on the reconciliation of Islamic custom and 21st-century life Professor Mona Siddiqui applies her own personal experience as a Muslim and a modern woman to questions of faith and identity. Siddiqui examines issues such as wearing the veil, multiculturalism and diversity and also applies her thinking to issues of universal concern: Who are we? How do we cope with getting older? And what sort of world will we leave to our children?

Siddiqui is professor of Islamic and interreligious studies at the University of Edinburgh and a regular contributor to national newspapers and to BBC Radio 4’s Thought for The Day and Sunday. Her books include Christians, Muslims and Jesus; How to read the Qur’an; and Islam.

Here she talks to the Very Rev Prof Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church.