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Grim and Gruesome Fun

Saturday 28 March 2015

1 Hour


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When children’s author Christopher William Hill was a child he spent nine weeks in hospital after falling off his bicycle and breaking his leg. There was a nurse who would spend ages telling him strange and gruesome stories, much to his delight. Inspired then, he now writes exactly the kind of gruesome stories he would have loved as a child – so if you prefer cleavers to kittens and fiends to fairies then come along to hear him share some of the deliciously gruesome tales of injury, revenge and murder that make up his tales from Schwartzgarten.

Hill has written four books in his tales from Schwartzgarten series, including Osbert the Avenger and The Woebegone Twins. He is also an award-winning playwright and radio dramatist.

Age 9+