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Festival Opening Dinner

Saturday 2 April 2016



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Ticket price

Hosted by the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing, Arizona State University. The price includes drinks reception, three-course dinner with wines, coffee and port.

To honour the exceptional contribution of the USA to world literature and culture, the festival’s opening dinner brings together the distinguished novelists, writers and public figures from America who are speaking in Oxford over the first weekend.
The founding partners of the programme are The Bodleian Libraries and Arizona State University.The dinner is staged in the beautiful 15th-century Divinity School built for the teaching of theology.

Among those at the dinner will be the award-winning writer for children and adults Jewell Parker Rhodes; science fiction writer and essayist Paolo Bacigalupi; the founding director of the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University Ed Finn; fantasy authors Michael A Stackpole and Joe Abercrombie; transnational novelists Gail Tsukiyama and Xu Xi; and poets Katherine E Young and Rose Solari. Some other writers speaking over the weekend will also be at the dinner.