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New Africa: Confronting the False Prophets

Saturday 2 April 2016

1 Hour


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Award-winning journalist and author Alex Perry joins a panel to debate his contention that Africa needs to rid itself of the false prophets of violent Islamism, dictatorship and western aid.

Perry spent seven years exploring Africa for his book, The Rift: A New Africa Breaks Free, during which he had a spell in a Zimbabwean jail, visited many wars and resigned as a magazine correspondent. The ‘rift’ with the west is one of many that Perry outlines. There are many others – involving pirates, al-Qaeda, cocaine smugglers and young revolutionaries – that will play a part in Africa’s future. And he argues that the story of new Africa will not only change the lives of Africans but those of all of us.

Perry is a contributing editor at Newsweek’s international edition and former Time journalist. He has won many awards for his journalism. His investigation into Boko Haram’s beheadings was requested as evidence by the International Criminal Court, and he was convicted in Zimbabwe of being a ‘determined and resourceful journalist’. His books include Falling Off The Edge, Lifeblood, The Hunt for Boko Haram, Clooney’s War, Cocaine Highway, Once Upon a Jihad, Democracy Isn’t Working and Scotland the Brave.

Here he talks to journalist and former BBC producer Matthew Stadlen, who is a regular interviewer for the Daily Telegraph and has interviewed for the BBC.

The debate is one of two Oxford Martin School Roundtable Talks.

Programme of African literature and culture.