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The Bolds to the Rescue

Sunday 3 April 2016

1 Hour


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£6 - £15

Ticket price

Comedian, entertainer and novelist Julian Clary and illustrator David Roberts introduce you to their new book, The Bolds to the Rescue, about a family of hyenas who live in a nice suburban house.

Do not miss this very special event. Clary will read from the book, Roberts will draw live, and hilarious jokes – courtesy of Mr Bold – will have you laughing like a hyena.

Clary is a comedian, entertainer and novelist who became a household name in the 1980s for his popular and unpredictable humour, silly clothes and make-up. He has appeared on many prime-time television shows including (winning) Celebrity Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing, QI, and Have I Got News for You.

Roberts is an illustrator with a distinctive style who has collaborated with many of Britain’s leading children’s writers including Julia Donaldson, Sally Gardner, Philip Ardagh and Jacqueline Wilson. He is also creator of the Dirty Bertie books.

Age 7+