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An Audience with James Naughtie SOLD OUT

Thursday 7 April 2016

1 Hour


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One of Britain’s best-known broadcasters and journalists James Naughtie talks about his life and career and his second novel Paris Spring.

Naughtie left his regular presenting duties on BBC radio 4’s flagship news programme Today in December 2015 after 21 years as one of the main anchors of the show. He has spent a lifetime reporting politics on both sides of the Atlantic, anchoring every BBC radio UK election results programme since 1997 and working on every US presidential election since 1988.

Naughtie has recently applied that wealth of political experience into fiction writing. Paris Spring is a prequel to his first novel, The Madness of July, and finds his hero Will Flemyng in a 1968 Paris full of revolutionaries and spies. In the tumult of that Paris spring he gets news that threatens the closest relationship of his life, with his brother.

Naughtie began his career as a print journalist in Scotland before joining The Washington Post and then The Guardian. He moved into radio in 1986 and has been a presenter of the televised BBC Proms. He is also author of The Rivals: The Intimate Story of a Political Marriage, and The Accidental American: Tony Blair and the Presidency. He is now a special correspondent for the BBC.

Here he talks to journalist and former BBC producer Matthew Stadlen, who is a regular interviewer for the Daily Telegraph and has interviewed for the BBC.