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Curtain Up: Agatha Christie, a Life in Theatre

Thursday 7 April 2016

1 Hour


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Julius Green raises the curtain on Agatha Christie’s towering contribution to popular theatre, an element of her work previously disregarded by biographers and historians.

Agatha Christie is the world’s best-selling novelist, but less well-known today is her writing for the stage – an extraordinary repertoire of plays that firmly established her as the most successful female dramatist of all time. Green was granted unprecedented access to the Agatha Christie archive and to those of her producers and agents. His ground-breaking revelations about her work as a playwright include the discovery of several unpublished and unperformed scripts that add a fascinating layer to her remarkable story. This illustrated talk features extracts read by actors from Christie’s work for the stage, including such classics as Witness for the Prosecution and And Then There Were None.

Green is a theatre producer and author of Curtain Up – Agatha Christie, a Life in Theatre and How To Produce a West End Show. He is an honorary research fellow at the Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre, University of London, and a former board member of the Society of London Theatre.