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How to Become an Ultimate Explorer SOLD OUT

Saturday 25 March 2017

1 Hour


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Full-time explorer and adventurer Justin Miles talks about his manuals for would-be adventurers, The Ultimate Explorer Guide for Kids and The Ultimate Mapping Guide for Kids.

Miles is an inspiring, fun, interactive and engaging performer, who feels passionately about encouraging children to be active and excited by, but respectful of, the awesome world around them. He will tell of some hair-raising experiences of his own (how he survived a venomous bite, or the worst thing he’s eaten on a polar expedition). But he won’t just whet an appetite for adventure; he will give you the tools for one too – even one in your own back garden.

Miles is one of the world’s few full-time explorers. He takes on daring expeditions, such as high-altitude climbs or paddle boarding to glaciers in Greenland, to raise awareness and funds for global education charities. He is also much in demand as a motivational speaker, particularly in schools. His determination to recover from a serious car accident in 1999, which initially left him unable to talk or walk, inspired him to become an explorer.

Age 7-11