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Just a Laugh a Minute: A One-man Comedy Show SOLD OUT

Friday 31 March 2017

1 Hour


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Entertainer Nicholas Parsons takes his audience on a humorous and nostalgic journey through his long and eventful life with a version of his one-man comedy show.  Parsons sees the funny side of every situation as he highlights with superb and often hilarious observation those events that have shaped his career. 

Parsons talks about his early struggles to enter the difficult and unpredictable world of show business.  He also tells how he survived in the demanding and heady world of entertainment and achieved the position he now commands. Parsons not only recalls the incidents and events, he recreates them with vivid and amusing impersonations of the personalities involved.  His comic timing and accurate observation creates a cast of characters that make this an unusual hour of comedy that will have the audience entertained and laughing throughout. 

Parsons has worked in every branch of showbusiness as a comedian and actor including presenting three different shows at nine Edinburgh Festivals. His appearances as the straight man to Arthur Haynes in the 1960s turned him into a household name and he went on to present Sale of the Century for 14 years. He has presented the BBC radio 4 comedy show Just a Minute for the last 50 years. His West End roles include Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods and The Rocky Horror Show.