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The Silo Effect CANCELLED

Saturday 2 April 2016

1 Hour


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Ticket price

This event has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond the speaker’s control. Online purchases will be refunded automatically. Please contact the Blackwell’s or marquee box office for a refund if you purchased by phone or in person.

Well-known financial journalist Gillian Tett explains how silos dominate the workplace and have the power to collapse businesses and destabilise the financial markets.

Tett says silos blind and confuse us and make us act in risky and damaging ways. Many organisations are organised around functional departments that restrict our thinking, leaving us locked in a silo and unable to break out and innovate. Tett draws on some high-profile examples to illustrate her case, from the New York Fire Department, to Facebook, the Bank of England and Sony. Tett is assistant editor of the Financial Times and has covered financial markets over many years. She is also an anthropologist and uses her academic background to explore how individuals, teams and organisations end up working in silos.

Tett has worked for the Financial Times for 15 years. She won the British Press Awards Financial Journalist of the Year in 2008 and often appears on radio and television programmes such as Today and Newsnight.