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BBC World Service Forum: A Single World, Many Identities?

Sunday 3 April 2016

1 Hour


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The BBC’s Jo Fidgen traces the evolution of 21st-century identity with the bestselling Turkish novelist Elif Shafak, Nick Bostrom from Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute and Ann Phoenix from UCL’s Institute of Education.  Are technology and geopolitics conspiring to create a new type of human, unrecognisable to our forebears? Or are they simply allowing us to fulfil our true potential, unconstrained by biology and outdated social norms? Or, perhaps, this emphasis on change and diversity is obscuring what we share: our common humanity. 

The Forum, a global exchange of ideas on BBC World Service radio, encourages comments from the audience during the recording so here is a chance to let the world hear your views. This episode of The Forum will be broadcast on BBC World Service on Tuesday 12 April. More details at bbcworldservice.com/forum Tickets for this event are free but must be booked through the festival box office.

There will be a standby queue on the day for any unfilled seats at this event.