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It’s Electrigirl

Sunday 3 April 2016

1 Hour


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Writer Jo Cotterill and illustrator Cathy Brett explain how they came up with their comic-strip superhero and show how you can draw your own superhero.

Electrigirl is a brand new 12-year-old superhero, primed with electrifying powers and an evil nemesis to defeat. Holly Sparkes is an ordinary girl until one day, high on a hillside, something extraordinary happens. Can she learn to harness her new powers whilst dealing with school bullies, her best friend going weird on her and a mysterious new mobile phone company arriving in the town? Can Holly save the world or will she have to settle for blowing up her own classroom?

Cotterill and Brett will explain how they came up with the idea for a book with comic strips, reveal how the look and storyline have changed from the first idea and teach you how to draw your own superhero. And there will be some interactive electrical experiments to make your hair stand on end.

Age 8+