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Saving Ireland’s Georgian Heritage

Sunday 3 April 2016

1 Hour


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Historian and author Patrick Guinness explains the work he and his father Desmond have undertaken to preserve Ireland’s Georgian heritage.

The Irish Georgian Society was founded in 1958 by Desmond and his late wife Mariga. It has since saved many buildings of architectural importance. Desmond was awarded the Europa Nostra in 2006 in recognition of the society’s preservation activities. Patrick took on the role of president of the society in 2011. The society is currently carrying out restoration of the City Assembly House in Dublin. Once finished, it will be a cultural venue and house the society’s headquarters. The City Assembly House was the first purpose-built public exhibition gallery in Ireland or Britain and possibly in Europe. It also served as Dublin City Hall.

Patrick Guinness is an heir of the Guinness business dynasty. He continues his father’s business in real estate, is a financial analyst and formerly represented Sotheby’s in Ireland. He is author of a biography of the founder of the Guinness brewing dynasty, Arthur Guinness, and has produced monographs on Irish history. Desmond and Mariga were married at Christ Church, Oxford.

Supported by Lady Hatch.

Programme of Irish literature and culture.