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Eliza Rose, Maid of Honour at the Court of Henry VIII

Saturday 9 April 2016

1 Hour


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£6 - £15

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Popular historian, television presenter and Tudor specialist Lucy Worsley introduces her brand new children’s novel set at the court of Henry VIII.

Eliza Rose tells the story of maid of honour Eliza Camperdowne and of Katherine Howard, Henry’s fifth wife. “I wrote my story out of a sense of burning injustice at the unfairness of the horrible execution of Katherine Howard,” says Lucy, “I’d like to think that it might inspire some budding future curator of Hampton Court Palace, just as I was inspired in my own day by Jean Plaidy’s novels for young people.”

Worsley is chief curator at Historic Royal Palaces, the independent charity that runs the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace. She has published non-fiction books on architecture, palace life and, most recently, the history of murder. They include If Walls Could Talk: An Intimate History of the Home, which became a bestseller in America after being chosen for Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club. She also presents documentaries for the BBC, including the recent Dancing Cheek to Cheek: An Intimate History of Dance series with Len Goodman of Strictly Come Dancing, and Britain’s Tudor Treasure with David Starkey. Eliza Rose is the first in a new series of books for children.

Age 11+