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Finding your Story, The Art of Narrative In Business

Saturday 9 April 2016

1 Hour


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Novelist, journalist and business coach Rebecca Abrams explains how understanding the architecture of storytelling is essential to good business, and explores ways of harnessing strong storytelling to the service of authentic and effective business.

The need for clear, compelling stories is greater than ever in the increasingly complex worlds in which we live and work.  In business, effective stories help create purpose and focus for ourselves, our teams, and our clients. But how do you know if your stories are having the effect you want? How can you be true to your own story while crafting stories for professional purposes? What are the ethics of story-telling in highly competitive settings? Find out in this lecture if your leadership story needs a tweak, a second draft, or a radical rewrite.

Abrams is an award-winning author and journalist.  Her novel, Touching Distance, was shortlisted for the McKitterick Prize for Literature, and her forthcoming book, The Jewish Journey: 4000 years in 22 Objects, will be published by the Ashmolean in 2016.  Abrams is a regular reviewer for the Financial Times and former columnist on the Daily Telegraph, teaches on the executive education programmes at the Said Business School and is a core tutor on the masters in creative writing at the University of Oxford.