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Being a Beast

Sunday 10 April 2016

1 Hour


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Naturalist Charles Foster explains how he spent time living as an animal to explore properly the worlds animals occupy, and to grapple with the beast that lives in all of us.

As a badger he lived in a hole for weeks, eating earthworms. As an otter he swam the rivers of north Devon at night. As an urban fox he scavenged from the dustbins of London’s East End. As a red deer he grazed Exmoor and the Scottish Highlands. And as a swift he obsessively followed the migration route between Oxford and West Africa

Foster is a fellow of Green Templeton College, teaches medical law and ethics and is a qualified veterinary surgeon and practising barrister. He has written or contributed to many books including on travel, evolutionary biology, natural history, anthropology and philosophy.

Here he talks to Rev Dr Michael Lloyd, principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.