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Inside Vogue:  A Diary of my 100th Year

Saturday 1 April 2017

1 Hour


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Novelist and editor-in-chief of British Vogue Alexandra Shulman talks about the real story behind the 100th anniversary year of the magazine that included the BBC Absolutely Fashion documentary, a surprise Duchess of Cambridge cover and organising the star-studded Vogue 100 Gala.

Shulman’s diary is a full story of the magazine’s anniversary year that ranges from domestic chaos at home to working with the likes of Victoria Beckham, Karl Lagerfeld, David Bailey and Alexa Chung – all under the eyes of a BBC film crew. What is it really like to be a magazine editor working at the centre of British fashion and culture?

Shulman has edited British Vogue since 1992 and is also author of two novels, The Parrots and Can We Still be Friends.

Here she talks to beauty journalist and broadcaster Sali Hughes.

This event is part of the festival’s women in society series sponsored by HSBC.