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Confessions of a Rabbi

Thursday 30 March 2017

1 Hour


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Rabbi, writer and broadcaster Dr Jonathan Romain shares the secrets of the confessional with a series of extraordinary and true stories of ordinary people that provide a window on to the human condition.

There are stories of crises, emotional traumas, moral dilemmas, multiple murders, Machiavellian families, funerals that go wrong, weddings that are hijacked, and how he had to fight his way through a maze of other people’s sexual fantasies.

His previous careers – as a radio agony aunt, prison chaplain, postman and nightclub bouncer – have helped him navigate the human jungle, and he takes us with him on a remarkable journey spiced with wit and wisdom.

Romain is a writer and broadcaster and minister of Maidenhead synagogue. He is author of The Jews of England, writes regularly for national newspapers and The Jewish Chronicle, and is often seen and heard on radio and television. He received the MBE for his pioneering work in helping mixed-faith couples, is chaplain to the Jewish Police Association, chair of the Accord Coalition for inclusive education, and chair of IFDiD (a clergy group that campaigns for the legalisation of assisted dying).

Romain will be introduced by Professor Martin Goodman, president of Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies.