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Provence to Pondicherry: Recipes from France and Faraway

Thursday 30 March 2017

1 Hour


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Food and travel writer Tessa Kiros goes on a fascinating journey around the world to explore French culinary influences in far-off destinations.

Kiros heads out from Provence to follow the early French explorers on a journey that takes in the cuisines of Guadeloupe, Vietnam, Pondicherry, and La Réunion, before returning by way of Normandy. Kiros explains how French cuisine has become embroiled with local ingredients and culinary traditions. And she presents a set of recipes to appeal to anyone with a broad interest in food and culture.

Kiros grew up in South Africa but left at 18 to travel and cook. She worked in restaurants in London, Sydney, Athens and Mexico. Kiros has written nine previous food books including on Italy, Tuscany, Venice, Portugal and Greece.

Here she talks to cookery writer and judge on BBC2’s The BIg Allotment Challenge, Thane Prince