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Voices of Freedom: Fighting Oppression of Women

Sunday 10 April 2016

1 Hour


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Writers Lucy Beresford and Leila Segal look at the rights of women in countries where they are oppressed and discuss the issues of enslavement and trafficking.

What does the future hold for women who have no voice and no rights, and what can we in the West do to help?

Beresford is a novelist, broadcaster and psychotherapist. Her latest novel, Invisible Threads, is about a psychotherapist, Sara, seeking to find the truth about the death of her husband in a terrorist attack in India. She discovers Devardasi, an illegal practice where women act as prostitutes at temple. She also learns of a man who was active in rescuing trafficked women in London, and then finds out this was her husband.

Segal is director of Voice of Freedom, a group that works with formerly trafficked women. Breathe: Stories from Cuba is a debut collection of stories based on her time living in Havana. Voice of Freedom helps women who have escaped their captors and sometimes given evidence against them to use words and photography to talk about their lives.

Here they talk to journalist and reviewer for the FT Suzi Feay.