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Demon Road Desolation

Sunday 3 April 2016

1 Hour


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International bestselling children’s author Derek Landy takes you on a thrilling road trip with his new Demon Road series of adventures.

Landy is author of the multi-award-winning Skulduggery Pleasant series. His brand new series, Demon Road, offers another thrilling helping of supernatural adventure and humour. Buckle up and enjoy the ride in the company of Landy as he reveals more about gorgeous demon Amber, her inscrutable bodyguard Miles and their race down America’s Dark Highway. And be among the very first people in the UK to get your hands on the brand new book in the Demon Road series, Desolation.

The Skulduggery Pleasant series has been published in 35 languages and won many awards, including the Red House Children’s Book Award and the Irish Book of the Decade. Landy says he was brought up on thrillers like The Fly and The Wolfman. Demon Road was born out of this lifelong love and incorporates elements from his favourite movies, Stephen King novels, modern urban legends and that classic sub-genre: the killer car.

Here Landy talks to Juno Dawson – formerly known as James – award-winning author of teenage thrillers Hollow Pike, Cruel Summer, Say her Name and Under My Skin.

Age 12+