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Glory: A Story of Gallipoli

Friday 8 April 2016

1 Hour


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Novelist Lady Rachel Billington introduces her latest work, Glory: A Story of Gallipoli, a novel about the men and women affected by the ill-fated World War I campaign of 100 years ago and inspired by her own family history.

Glory is the story of Arthur Tarrant, an Oxford graduate destined for his uncle’s law firm, who leaves behind his fiancée Sylvia and joins the army. He finds himself in Gallipoli where his life becomes entwined with that of Fred Chaffey, a country boy from Dorset. The story recounts the fatal errors of army leaders, the heroism of the men, their relationships and their struggles to understand the horrifying situation.

Billington is author of 20 novels, nine books for children and a number of non-fiction works. She is a regular reviewer and feature writer, co-editor of Inside Time, the national newspaper for prisoners, and vice-president of English PEN.