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Life in B&W

Friday 8 April 2016

1 Hour


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World-renowned fashion photographer and film director Jim Lee talks about a life that saw the child of MI5 spies become a sought-after fashion photographer of the 60s and 70s and latterly also a director of commercials and full-length feature films.

Lee reflects on the most important moments of his life; leaving the UK for an uncertain future in Australia at 17; the police arriving at his front door to tell him his son, Orlando, was dead; the day he directed his first movie; the day he discovered his father was a spy; the day he died and miraculously returned to life after 19 days in a coma. Beyond all these, he says the most memorable event in his life was the day he pawned the Leica camera his father gave him, bought a saddle with the proceeds and set off for the Australian outback to find a horse and realise his dream of being a cowboy.

Lee is a photographer and film director based in London. His early work forms part of the permanent collections at the V&A and his work is regularly exhibited at galleries around the world.