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An Interview with Marian Keyes SOLD OUT

Sunday 10 April 2016

1 Hour


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Bestselling Irish novelist Marian Keyes talks about her life and career as one of Britain’s best-loved comic novelists and about her new book of hilarious and heartfelt observations on modern life.

Keyes says she never thought she would write a novel but, after first sending some short stories to a publisher, she now has 13 to her name and is one of the most successful Irish novelists of all time. Her books deal compassionately and humorously with issues of modern life such as addiction, depression, domestic violence and serious illness. Her latest book, Making it up as I go Along, is a funny look at the absurdity of modern life and recognises that we are all clearly making it up as we go along. It includes Keyes’ guide to breaking up with your hairdresser, her warning about the dangers of fake tan, her joy at the nail varnish museum and the best lies to tell if you find yourself on an Arctic cruise. And there is some secret truth about writers, or at least about Keyes.

Keyes’ novels have been published in 33 languages and include Rachel’s Holiday, Last Chance Saloon, Sushi for Beginners, The Mystery of Mercy Close, and The Woman Who Stole My Life. Here she talks to journalist and former BBC producer Matthew Stadlen, who is a regular interviewer for the Daily Telegraph and has interviewed for the BBC.

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