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Small Miracles: The Story of the Princess Alia Foundation

Sunday 10 April 2016

1 Hour


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Cousins HRH Princess Alia Al Hussein of Jordan and Sharifa Sarra Ghazi tell how they set up the charitable foundation in Princess Alia’s name and of the remarkable work it has done in helping the lives of both humans and animals.

The charity was born after animal cruelty investigator Lyn White suggested the need for an organisation to deal with abuse of animals. Princess Alia embraced the idea but saw in it a wider opportunity to also tackle special needs and public health. She turned for help to her cousin, Sharifa Sarra Ghazi, who was already committed to the cause of animal welfare. Today the foundation is well established. Its work includes The New Hope Centre, for rescued and confiscated wildlife, and Growing Together, an equine therapy centre that has shown amazing results with troubled and autistic children.

Princess Alia is the daughter of King Hussein and Queen Dina of Jordan. She is president of the Jordanian Equestrian Federation and also works with many other charitable causes and organisations. Sharifa Sarra Ghazi has a degree in psychology and cognitive science and is a trained counsellor. She has worked to improve educational standards for children in Jordan and to improve parenting skills and opportunities for women.

Here they talk to journalist and television presenter Gwenan Edwards.