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The War in the West: Germany Ascendant 1939-1941

Sunday 10 April 2016

1 Hour


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Historian, writer and broadcaster James Holland talks about the first volume of his new ground-breaking history of the Second World War.

Holland spent more than 12 years interviewing survivors, visiting battlefields and consulting previously inaccessible archives and now challenges long-held assumptions about the war.  In this first volume, he looks at the lead-up to the war and takes the story to mid-1941 when the Nazis were preparing to invade Russia. Holland weaves together the stories of soldiers, sailors, pilots, civilians, industrialists and heads of state to tell the military story and uncover the economic, political and social aspects of the conflict.

Holland is a member of the British Commission for Military History and the Guild of Battlefield Guides. He is a regular contributor to national newspapers and appears on national radio. His books include Fortress Malta, Italy’s Sorrow, The Battle of Britain and a fictional World War Two series featuring Sergeant Jack Tanner. He has written and presented a number of documentaries for the BBC including Cold War, Hot Jets and Normandy 44.