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NowTeach: Why I am Leaving a Top Job at the FT for Teaching SOLD OUT

Saturday 1 April 2017

45 Minutes


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The inimitable Financial Times columnist Lucy Kellaway, famed for her satire on modern corporate life, talks about her decision to leave the newspaper after more than 30 years to teach maths in a challenging London secondary school.

Kellaway founded a new charity, NowTeach, that is encouraging successful people in the public and private sectors to consider something new – teaching mainly maths, sciences and foreign languages in London schools. She explains her reasons for founding it and why she will be one of the pioneers for its work.

Kellaway’s columns in the FT poke fun at modern corporate culture. Her creation of the obnoxious business manager Martin Lukes won her a columnist of the year award, and she turned her column into a successful book.

Here she talks to fellow FT columnist and associate editor Michael Skapinker.

This event lasts 45 minutes.