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Star Wars: The Force is With Us

Saturday 1 April 2017

1 Hour


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Meet new characters, learn to speak droid and how to draw a wookiee with JAKe, illustrator of How to Speak Droid with R2-D2, and Tom Huddleston, author of The Dark and The Nest in the Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space series. Test your knowledge with a fun quiz about all things Star Wars. Costumes welcome.

Huddleston is an author, journalist and musician. He works on the film desk at Time Out magazine. JAKe was born in Hull, England, but was raised by Wookiees from a young age. He speaks the Wookiee language fluently, but can communicate with an R2 unit enough to get his pencils sharpened. He lives and works in London.

Age 7-11