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Worcester College Library Tour

Thursday 30 March 2017

1 Hour


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The Librarian of Worcester College, Mark Bainbridge, invites you to explore the college’s 18-century library and its 17th and 18th-century collections.

The library has particularly strong 17th and 18th-century collections and is of special importance for the study of the English Civil War and Interregnum.  It not only preserves the text of the Putney Debates, but also holds the William Clarke collection of 7,000 pamphlets and notebooks from the Civil War period.  Another strength is the history of architecture. Visitors will see not only books, but also drawings by Inigo Jones, Nicholas Hawksmoor and others.

Access to the library is via a steep spiral staircase and limited. Suitable footwear should be worn. No stilettos.