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In Search of our Cosmic Origins: From the Big Bang to a Habitable Planet

Monday 24 March 2014

1 Hour


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Popular science communicators Jacqueline and Simon Mitton take a cosmic journey through space and time. In conversation with each other, they draw on material from their recent popular science books to plot a course through key events in the history of the universe, covering the roles of mysterious dark matter and dark energy, the formation of galaxies, and the birth and subsequent evolution of our Sun and its planetary system. They also touch on how ideas about the nature and evolution of the universe and the solar system have changed over the centuries, and also their own personal motivation and experiences in writing their books.

Jacqueline Mitton has authored, co-authored or edited more than 20 books. She specialises in writing for children, dictionaries and reference books and collaborates with researchers on astronomy books for non-specialists. Simon Mitton has written three popular astronomy books and edited the groundbreaking Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy.